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Create your own marketplace with Shopify Store

Give wings to your dream. It’s simple and makes perfect business sense to build a marketplace with Shopify store.

Shopify Store Design and Development
E-Commerce Setup
E-Commerce Setup
SEO & Marketing Setup
SEO & Marketing Setup
Launch Shopify Store
Launch Shopify Store

Shopify eCommerce Setup

Product detail page
Craftel Studios Shopify can offer fantastic benefits. We upload your entire product range, set up variants like sizes, shapes, colours, compress images and ensure the product pages are SEO-friendly, bringing potential customers to your website.
Filters on collection
In case, you have a wide range of products, we install filters on the collection pages, making it easy for customers to locate the right products with ease.
Shipping Assistance
We help you integrate apps for calculating shipping and printing labels.
Collection Setup
Navigation across products becomes easy when categories are in a logical pattern. We set up your categories (Shopify collections) in a manner that is rational, quite simple to manage and browse.
Multi-channel Selling
Multi-channel integration can offer many benefits. Selling through Amazon or eBay inside Shopify is possible and effective.
Product SEO
Our SEO team ensures your product ranks higher in Google Search results. Along with the right tools we use star ratings to push your brand to greater visibility.
E-Commerce Setup - Shopify Store
Shopify Store - SEO And Marketing Setup

SEO & Marketing Setup

SEO-focused Project
Coding is critical to matching Google’s standards as well as speed of execution. While building a website, we factor in these critical aspects to keep it SEO relevant.
Newsletter integration
Our team can assist in connecting email marketing tools like Mailchimp, ConvertKit or Klaviyo so your customers emails can be automatically captured.
Facebook / Instagram
We help you set up your Facebook Shop, and link your Instagram so you can create posts with "tap to shop".
SEO & Analytics tools
Our team fixes and ensures your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Facebook tracking are all performing accurately.
Migration SEO
In case you are migrating from another platform like WordPress or any other, we work alongside you to make sure ‘SEO advantage’ stays put even during the transition process and afterwards.
Facebook/Google Ads
Paid advertising related to Facebook or Google ads can be effective in getting targe-specific audiences. If interested, we can advise on the best strategy or offer ongoing support.
Shopify Store - Call To Action

Let's talk about your Shopify store!

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Launch your Shopify Store!

Smooth take-off
All set to publish your website?! We have your back. We are ready to tackle any last moment changes you may require.
Ongoing Work
Wondering how to go about managing your site and affecting regular changes. Leave it to professionals like us. We work on an hourly or discounted monthly rates, making your website work like magic.